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Thane, Maharashtra


Hi i am Vishvesh Tadsare and welcome to my page! And since you are on my page i guarantee that "You will be entertained!" I am doing drawings on very interesting topics.

Why drawing?

I had love for drawings since childhood! But it all started in 2013 when i rediscovered my love for drawing and then have never looked back!

Why pencil drawings? Well lets just say that i just love the pencil. The incredible realism and the depth a pencil can give is truly remarkable and also drawings can be done at a fraction of cost of other media yielding results the same as in other media.
Also drawing in pencil is much less messier and also completely non toxic.

Are the drawings i display on page for sale?

Yes the drawings in my folder 'Originals for sale' under the galleries tab on this site are for sale.

Do i sell prints?

Yes prints of my drawings are available on the site.


Yes if you have a drawing job for me just leave me a message behind and after total payment your drawing will be shipped in 3-4 business days after completion of it .
I will begin drawing on receiving half of the payment and good resolution photo of the subject to be drawn. On completion i will mail you the photo of it and if you are satisfied you have to pay me the remaining half amount. After payment i will frame the drawing in a standard non reflective glass frame and ship it.
After shipping the drawing cannot be returned back and no refund is possible except in the case that the drawing is damaged or lost during transportation.
N.B. After your drawing is completed it will be framed and shipped. Framing and shipping cost is not included in discussion that follows and will be extra.
I work on a A3 paper which is approx 42X29 cms. I use all kinds of advanced tools, but no stensils or gridlines.

For any A3 portrait of single object or person i charge 300 $ (no beard and long hair)
For drawing two objects or people on one page i charge 500 $ (no beard and long hair)
For animal portraits i charge 400 $ (head only)

For any other customized drawings contact for pricing details.

The drawings will be of the same quality as displayed.
It is your great chance to get a priceless piece of a life time!!!
I accept only paypal payment.

Mail me for further clarifications

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